Sources for Coupons

Sources for Coupons

There are sooooo many places to get coupons. DON'T get overwhelmed…you will be a pro in no time and you will be getting your coupons with minimal effort.

Local SUNDAY papers: For this site our default paper that we use is the St. Paul Pioneer Press. They have a LOT more coupons because they are a bigger market and their Sunday paper only costs $1. We also use the Leader Telegram because we LOVE our local news (noted by the 'L')!!!

  • Proctor & Gamble (PG), (LPG - Leader Telegram Proctor & Gamble)
  • Red Plum (RP), (LRP)
  • SmartSource (SS), (LSS)
  • Walgreens (WG)


  • All You (AY) This magazine is available for approx $1.25 an issue here.  The prices do change periodically.


  • TriCounty Advisor (TCA)
  • Smart Market Mailer (SMM) date shown for SMMs are the Sunday of the week received


  • Manufacturer websites
  • Facebook (FB) Pages for the individual products.

In Store

  • Coupons in little boxes by the product on the store shelf (Blinkies)
  • Peelie coupons ON the product (Peelies)
  • Catalinas print at the register after you have paid to be used on your next visit (Catalinas)


Grocery Coupons from Coupon Network